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Music sheet order in playlist gets inverted when removing one pdf from piascore.



  • ChiChi

    I found the same issue, it is a bug not related to the version of IOS.

    One way to avoid the problem is that you shall not remove the score from the "All Scores" category ahead of removing the score from your playlist. You shall remove the score from your playlist first, then remove the score from the "All Scores" category.

  • Pierre Malo

    I had tried both ways to test and even when removing the sheet from the playlist (and saving) before removing from "All scores", all the scores in the playlist were reversed. I had submitted this to support and no reply from them yet :


    Thanks for the message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    On June 22, 2020 at 1:18 PM  wrote:

    Hello, I have created a 20 song playlist.
    I had to delete one of the pdf music sheets in the playlist which was song #14.
    I deleted the pdf from "All songs" in piascore.
    I added a new pdf using Itunes file sharing as usual.
    I wanted to add the new pdf to the playlist.
    I noticed all the songs numbering had reversed.
    Meaning the previously first song was last, and the previously last song is now first.

    I moved all the songs in the order they should be with the new pdf included and saved.

    To do a test I redid the pdf delete.

    But now I deleted the pdf first from the playlist, saved the playlist.
    I deleted the pdf from "All songs" and again all numbering was reversed in the playlist.

    To test, I tried removing another pdf from the playlist that now contained 19 songs in the same sequence as before.

    But the numbering remained reversed.

    Can you investigate why this is occuring ?



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